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Hey, I've got lots of school and homework and chores and friends, so I won't be able to post much. I'll try to check back and answer messages and comments and such whenever possible. Thanks, guys.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love David Tennant. (HNNNNNNNG)
I'm a fangirl.
I'm a geek.
I'm a Nerdfighter. DFTBA!
I'm an animal lover.
I <3 Bones, The X-Files, and anything by Joss Whedon.

(Dorky men that go around saving the universe in a blue box that travels through time and space are my favorite~)


What song are you listening to right now?
Amanda Palmer

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
I got these pajamas for Christmas

Could you go a day without eating?

Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a J or A?
J, yes. A, no.

Do your parents force you to go to church or let you make the decisions?
My parents are really open minded, so they pretty much let me do what I want when it comes to religion. We're honestly not religious at all :/

How long does it take you to shower?

What was last thing you drank?

Are you "talking" to someone?
I have an awesome boyfriend

What was for dinner last night?
Chicker helper something or other

Is anyone in love with you?
Jonathon c:

Do you curse in front of your parents?
Too much probably :/

What girl(s) can you tell everything to?
Drew, Katie, and Lizzie

Does anyone hate you?
Maybe. But not anyone I know of.

What are you doing tonight?
Sleeping after I get of skype

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
I'm always one to give second chances, and there are very few people I've found that didn't deserve them.

Your phone is ringing, it's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?
"Go to bed."

Ever liked someone older than you?

Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night?

Have you ever been arrested?

Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?
No, because ponytails and hoods just don't work together.

Do you want someone you can't have?
I do miss people a lot, yeah.

Did anything special happen last night?
Somewhere, I'm sure.

Who did you spend most of your time with last night?
Nobody really

Do you believe what goes around comes around?

Can you handle the truth?

Last time you left your house, where did you go?

Is your bedroom messy or clean?
Somewhere in-between

Do you have any unusual skills?
Don't think so.

When did you last have an 'Oh, I get it now!' moment?

What were you last embarrassed about?
The last stupid thing I did in public.

When were you last jealous?
No idea. I'm not the jealous type.

Are you in a good mood right now?

Do you drink energy drinks?
Rarely I'll have a sip.

Are you an alcoholic?
Hah, no.

Is anything bothering you?
My own issues, and a recent death in the family.

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?

If you could erase somebody from your life, who would it be?
No one.

Was 2009 a good year for you?
Overall, yes.

Last time you said you loved someone, did you mean it?

Do you think people think bad things about you?
Sometimes -shrugs-

Would you rather have long or short hair?

Would you ever camp out on a beach, under the stars?
I do not enjoy sand or salt water.

How was the weather today?
Cold and blustery.

This past summer, did you have a "thing" with someone?
Yup, same as now.

What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
Ugh, school.

Currently wanting anything?
To go home after magically passing high school with perfect grades and get the perfect job and all of my friends live together in a yellow submarine and everything is perfect woopee. If only.

If you had to get another piercing where would they be?

Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
Could be a month from now, or maybe not. Distance sucks.

If you woke up in one of the Saw movies, do you think you could survive?
Probably not, I'm bad at working under pressure.

Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you?
Yes, at least 2 people.

Are you missing anyone?
Many people.

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?

Who was the last person you took a picture with?

Where do you want to live when you are older?
Somewhere green and wide and forest-y.

How far away is the person you miss?
About 10 hours away.

Do you ever get "good morning" texts from anyone?
I have no cell phone.

Is any part of you sad at all?
This is a common occurrence.

Who were you last in a car with?

Do you think things will change in the next few months?

Were you single on your last birthday?

Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you?

Last thing you did before bed last night?
Hoped for a few things.

Did you see a guy today that made you smile?
Uh, Kevin. He's cool. I like having guy friends.

What are you doing tomorrow?
School, homework, internet, sleep.

Will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?

Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?

Will you be sleeping alone tonight?

Have you ever slapped someone in the face?
Yup, and I regret it.

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking weed?

How are you feeling at this exact moment in time?
I don;t feel like taking the time to explain that right now.

Are you a bad influence?
Not that I know of. Maybe later in life I could be if I stay the same, but I don't plan to.

Are you wearing something you borrowed from someone?

Does it bother you when people respond with one word texts?

Do you remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
Yes, I do.

Would you go out in public looking the way you do now?

Do your parents know everything about you?

How late did you stay up last night? Why?
11 or so. Didn;t go to bed on time.

Do you find smoking unattractive?

Current Residence: Philadelphia
Favorite genre of music: Geek stuff
Wallpaper of choice: I pledge allegiance to the universe
Personal Quote: "If nothing we do matters, all that matters is what we do." -Angel (Epiphany)

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